Kickback with Booster in Their Latest Video Release with Beyond the Infinite Multimedia

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The Booster boys are at it again! And this time, they’ve got something you can watch! Booster recently released their first of three Kickback Sessions through Beyond the Infinite Multimedia (BTI). You can watch it below, but first we wanted to know a little more about filming from the Booster boys themselves, so we chatted with drummer Mike Lehman:

HO: So first off, tell us how you guys connected with Beyond the Infinite Multimedia (BTI) to film these.

ML: Some local music contacts recommended BTI, so we reached out with a demo and they were into it. Having watched some of their other releases, we knew this would be a great opportunity.

HO: Definitely- that’s awesome! Who did you work with at BTI and what was the filming process like?

ML: It was a real treat to work with the guys at BTI. They are super professional when it comes to recording quality audio. They all went to school for audio production and it certainly shows when you hear the mix in the video. The whole premise of a Kickback Session is really cool. Most of those guys share a house in Lakewood with a killer studio setup in the basement. When they record the Kickback videos, they clear out their living room and set the band up there; then they run all the audio inputs to a snake in the control room. Three of the guys stay upstairs with cameras and can communicate to the engineer downstairs in the control room via a talkback mic. Their strength is in the audio, but if you watch all of their Kickback releases, you see them improving their camerawork and edits with each successive release. Booster is very grateful to have worked with these guys early on; we really believe this is a unique opportunity for local bands to collaborate with a multimedia company that is also up-and-coming.

HO: Absolutely! So how many Kickback Sessions did you film?

ML: Three in total. They are all in post-production now and BTI will release them as they are completed.

HO: Very cool. We noticed this one is for your song, “The GP.” What’s up with the name of this track?

ML: “The GP” stands for “The Game Plan.” It’s one of the tunes that fits into the Funk Opera that we’re working on. We’re hoping to debut it in the near future.

HO: Funk Opera? I dig the sound of that. So besides your upcoming Halloween party, what else are you guys working on right now?

ML: The Halloween party is going to be EPIC. I NEVER say this about shows, but I’m predicting this to be our best show to date. For the entire history of the band, all songs performed have been original. We are stoked to debut some tunes that people will recognize. The Halloween show will also feature a costume contest with prizes from Under The Sun, so it’s a promising good time for all! Beyond that, we are working on fleshing out the Funk Opera and booking shows beyond the Front Range for this winter. Our next gig after 10/30 is 11/20 - it’ll be our first time at the Armoury in Denver and we’ll be on the bill with some great acts, among thoseVance Romance. Damon who is, for lack of a more all-inclusive term, the Executive Producer of BTI (the Kickback Sessions are his baby), is the bass player for Vance Romance and the Armoury gig will actually be their final show together. We feel honored to be a part of that experience.

Awesome. Check out Booster’s first of three Kickback Sessions here for “The GP”:

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