Alex Vouri | Bass Guitar

Alex Vouri grew up in the great musical city of Bellingham Washington.  After a number of fun high school bands, Alex began playing professionally at age 18, with legendary Bellingham funk band "The Lucky Seven."  The following years saw him playing-in, and leading, many bands spanning funk, fusion, rock and blues. But, Alex always had his own music cooking too, after recording two albums of un-released solo bass music, he formed his first short-lived bass and drums duo in 2005. 


Moves and life happened, and he found himself in Colorado, forming a few groups that saw some success, but the nagging desire to do his own thing persisted.


After the implosion of yet again another scene-friendly band, Alex decided it was time to hunker down with his brother in music, drummer Mike Lehman, and really just make something for themselves.  That way, success or not, they'll love what they do, and keep doing it...

Music has always played a prominent role in Mike's life. He wanted to play drums since he could hold sticks and was always infatuated with the "trap" style drum kit. He first started playing snare drum in 5th grade and continued on to play snare in the Classical Symphonic Band throughout middle and high school, eventually finding his way into drumming for the Jazz Band and Pep Band at Norfolk Collegiate. 


Before moving to Colorado, Mike played in numerous bands in his home state of Virginia. His most notable ensembles were The Void, Sour Deemsters, March To The Arctic, and Two Alpacas. Mike has played Rock, Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Trance, and Fusion, but always seems to come back to pocket with tight funk drums. 


Aside from playing music, Mike is also the sole proprietor of Cold Cut Creative, a marketing and design agency that works with  artists, brands, and individuals on marketing, website, and multimedia projects. Reach out if your project needs some horsepower!

Mike Lehman | Drums

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