What happens when two guys who really like playing together just keep showing up?  Mike Lehman and Alex Vouri decided to find out. After the dissolve of the last lineup of Booster, bass guitarist Alex Vouri and drummer Mike Lehman decided to keep on jamming.


"It was a deliberate decision," says Alex Vouri from the band's rehearsal studio, dubbed The Launch Pad. "we felt that we'd been stuck in a cycle of just getting the next band together as fast as possible to hit the stage and make a few bucks.  Mike and I decided we really wanted to stop and take the time to craft something entirely new, get back to that great mindset we all have as kids, to have fun and ultimately make something for ourselves."


Anyone who might remember the last iteration of Booster will notice a drastic departure in style and feel "we drifted back to rock" Alex says with a laugh "it's how we both started out, and we just moved there naturally.  The music still has a lot of improvising and groovy feels, but it gets heavy here and there too. It's actually a return to what the very first Booster was like back in Washington many many years ago."


We can't avoid the obvious question, just bass and drums? 


"What do you mean JUST?? hahaha" Alex seems ready to answer this one "limitations are very freeing actually.  The world today offers very few borders to work inside of, endless options add endless questions. Being given confines, for me, really makes the creative process better.  And I always have been a busy player, to the chagrin of probably everyone I've played with, playing a lot of chords, soloing, riffing, I like filling up space."


And even with two guys, there doesn't seem to be much space anyway.  Lush, dark, always grooving from riff to riff over pulsing drones or floating over an intricately heavy drum pattern, the multifaceted sound of Booster is always moving and intriguing, a great balance for the gut and the mind.

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