Meta morphic rocK


The only constant is change. Meta morphic rock is perpetual motion over time when acted upon by high heat, intense pressure, and excessively loud vibrations.

Atoms sing, particles rearrange, tectonics shift, and new compounds are formed in the lattice. Upon yielding to seismic activity of this magnitude, timbers split, shelves shake, mollusks make motion, meanwhile the rock cycle spins on...

A classification all its own, Meta morphic rock is a state of synchronous flux ad infinitum. Physically, this push and pull of natural order is the same force that turned dinosaurs into fuels and stardust into men - it is sonic evolution in practice.

As the moon pushes sediment into mountains, organic compositions ebb and flow with the dynamism caused by two cosmic chieftains based in Boulder, Colorado.

This sonic emulsification, as known to the human tongue, is Booster.

A brief amalgam of audio samples collected from the field can be found below:



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